It takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website.

Visitors on your site will quickly determine whether they will stay on your site, or not, in .05 seconds. Website design and customer experience change a lot and are subject to scrutiny.

Websites with stagnant content and designs begin to look outdated and less reputable.

Not to mention, having well laid out content is important for SEO.

Over the past year, we have released four new website designs to add to our extensive gallery. We’ve taken some previous designs and given them a fresh look.

When it comes to managing and updating a website, it’s easy to push off this tasks, since youth sports leagues can have so many updates, so, we’ve found some rockstar partners who have moved to a newer design that may give you some inspiration! Read about one of our awesome soccer clubs below.

Check out: Lakeville Soccer Club
Website Design: DEMETER II
Main Takeaway: Fill the space!

Lakeville Soccer Club is using one of our newer website designs, Demeter II.

Read more about Demeter II’s features here.

There should always be enough content to fill out the website design. Having empty sections speaks to the statistic above; it makes for a bad impression. What looks great about Lakeville Soccer Club’s site is they are properly using each section. If you hover over each highlighted star in the image below, you’ll see a brief explanation of how they’re using this section properly.

Their website layout is easy to glance over and digest for the average user. A visitor can quickly see where to register, recent news, field status, social feeds, and more.

For making the most of their website, and utilizing their design of choice, Lakeville Soccer Club’s social media is connected, displayed, and promoted in their image rotator, further helping their online presence.

Going back to the basics, Lakeville Soccer Club’s logo has a transparent background (read why that is important here), so there is no contrast between the backgrounds. However, if you highlight over the sponsors’ logos, you’ll notice some have different colored backgrounds – this isn’t abnormal, as a lot of organizations may not have access to logos with transparent backgrounds, but it DOES make a difference!

All in all, the learning lesson here with Lakeville Soccer Club is having enough content to fill out the site, tastefully, without leaving any empty blocks. The more up-to-date and filled out your website is, paired with a modern design, the more reputable your website will look.