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Useful Tools When Handling Emergencies

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During unexpected circumstances, the top priority of a sports league is to look out for the health and safety of their members. Sports Connect is here to support you and has many tools to enable you to communicate and take action during such situations.

Throughout these uncertain times that are a result of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are committed to continuing to provide a high standard of support to all of our partners. Our hours and operations will continue as normal while taking every precaution to make sure all of our team members can safely and responsibly support you.

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Outlined below are a few of the top features that sports leagues should be aware of and use during situations that call for urgent communication, postponements, or issuing discounts or refunds.

Clear, Direct Communication

Communication is crucial in extreme circumstances. Don’t get bogged down plugging in to third party tools. Sports Connect offers reliable, easy, and integrated messaging tools to keep you connected to members who are looking to you for updates and guidance.

Group Your Audience: Quickly communicate to anyone who is impacted at your league. Add all contacts or specific ages, teams, sports, or even custom contact lists who are being affected. Don’t let list management delay an important message!

Send an Email or Text: Once your groups are added, quickly put a message together and send out a message or schedule it to send. If you have time to focus on aesthetics, using an email template can provide branding and structure to an email that could be the difference between a simple open and a thorough read.

Team Pages: Coaches and Team Personnel can use Team Pages to email important updates to their members. Important news articles posted to your Homepage can also be pushed down to Team Pages for added visibility.

Postponing & Managing Schedules

Postponing games and league events is easy with Sports Connect’s scheduling tool and internal calendar. As events get delayed and rescheduled, notifications occur automatically so you can stay focused on the important tasks.

Postpone & Reschedule Events: Easily edit games, practices, and other events. Postpone events so you can assign new times in the future rather than totally cancel. When events are edited, notifications are automatically sent to everyone affected by the changes.

Manage Your Calendar: Manage events in a familiar calendar format rather than spreadsheets. Drag and drop events, view available space, and adjust your schedules faster!

Manage Refunds and Orders

An emergency situation will likely lead some to request to cancel their registration, although effective communication and delaying events rather than cancelling can limit these types of reactive actions. If you are faced with cancelled orders, proper tracking and order management is important.

Cancel an Order: Easily cancel a registration, clearly manage any pending payments, and manage refunds online.

Managing Payment Plans: You can be flexible with payment plan orders to adjust to a changing season. Edit or delay due dates to reflect the postponed season or offer discounts to account for lost playing time.

Website Alerts and More

Ways to Keep Fundraising

Fundraising is more important than ever if your league is still required to pay equipment costs, facility rental fees, or other bills during this period of postponements. Here are a few ways your organization can seek financial assistance and continue to raise funds.

CARES Act: Learn how your sports league can seek financial assistance through the CARES Act, a stimulus package passed by the U.S. Government designed to help businesses navigate the impacts of COVID-19.

StackRaise: Create and manage your own fundraising campaigns with StackRaise, an easy, online solution for teams, schools, and leagues to increase donations.

PushSave: Modernize your league’s approach to fundraising with PushSave, a platform offering completely customizable, mobile coupon books.

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Additional Resources

Sports Connect and Stack Sports also partner with many other great services that can assist with critical operations to help you through these events

PushSave Fundraising

PushSave on Device

When dealing with emergencies in your community, it may be important to raise money in order to keep operations running or even repair damaged facilities. PushSave allows your organization to fundraise during uncertain times through completely customizable mobile coupon books. This is also a great way to continue to support businesses in your community. Learn more about our partner, PushSave, here.

GameChanger Team Manager

Your Sports Connect website is integrated with the GameChanger Team Manager Mobile app, allowing you to easily communicate with parents, post schedule changes, and more when the unexpected occurs. Team Manager is free to download in the Apple App Store and Google play. Learn more about GameChanger Team Manager here.

COVID-19 Support FAQs

Our partners currently have access to help centers and the ability to submit a help desk ticket 24/7 and our support team continues to remain available via phone during our normal business hours. Due to higher than normal call volume, the response time may be affected. Thank you for your patience.

Most of our partners are currently postponing seasons rather than canceling altogether. This gives your organization flexibility while keeping athletes safe.

If canceling your season is unavoidable, please submit a request with our support team. We have dedicated members of our team that will assist with this process.

There are non-refundable costs that we incur to do business including banking fees, software security fees, personnel and support costs, chargeback support, and so on. Because of this, the credit card processing fees and service fees are non-refundable. We are committed to finding solutions for our partners during this unprecedented time and promise to continue delivering the best support and service.

Please submit a detailed request with our support team. Our dedicated team members will be able to provide assistance with this request.

As long as the divisions are the same price or a lesser value there will not be a new transaction fee.

Coupon codes can be created within your Site Settings. Please click here for our guide on all the tools available within Site Settings.

We recommend editing your payment plan installment dates, rather than cancelling subscriptions. Please submit a support request so that our team can assist you with this process.

 If you are looking to do a large volume of refunds, please submit a support ticket so that we can assist you.

The best way to go about this is to transfer your participants from your Spring Season to your Fall season.

Currently, we don’t offer the ability to add money back to your refund pool and you will need to refund by check.