Save Time & Move Your Uniform Business Digital

Fully Digital Uniform Process

Take the time and hassle out of uniforms by bringing the entire process online! No more paperwork, no more storing boxes of jerseys, no more in-person sizing days.

Only with Sports Connect can you get a digital uniform solution that is fully online & streamlined. From purchasing uniforms at the time of registration, full size and payment reporting, to direct shipping, we will take all of the time out of managing uniforms!

Spend more time developing young athletes and less time worrying about uniforms!

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Uniform Ordering Built into Registration

Eliminate order forms and in-person sizing days!

Collect uniform data at the point of registration. In one, easy, integrated process families can sign up for the season, submit uniform information, and pay for everything in one easy transaction.

With Sports Connect’s modernized approach, its easier than ever for families to get everything they need for the season in a single experience!

The Move to Sublimation

Equip your teams with the highest quality uniforms and choose from modern designs each season. With Sports Connect, you can benefit from:

  1. Vibrant graphics dyed into the fabric, will never crack, peel, or fade
  2. All decoration is included in one, simple price
  3. Premium quality & fast lead times
  4. Keep your club’s logo design for as many seasons as you’d like

Get the best uniforms at the best price this season!

Direct Shipping & Automated Fulfillment

Don’t get bogged down with orders, fulfillment, shipping, and inventory management. Remove the stress and time of handling orders and tracking down shipments as the first day of games approach. Let the professionals deal with all of the logistics!

Orders are shipped directly to families’ doorstep, making delivery easy. Orders come with 2-day shipping so you can rely on quick turnaround for the season, plus any order over $200 will include free shipping.