Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does this impact my organization?

A: The first iteration will support login with your current username and password or the new SSO option. The initial SSO setup will include an email verification link which will allow the user to log in automatically by clicking on the link received via email. Easily access all Stack Sports solutions with one set of credentials.

Q: Why is Sports Connect making this change?

A: In addition to responding to a number of partner requests, like helping to reduce duplicate accounts, this change will allow Sports Connect users to access the Stack Sports Ecosystem, providing an easier and faster login experience. With centralized account authentication, we can offer you seamless access to other Stack Sports products.

Q: Is the login screen going to look different?

A: Yes, you will notice a newly designed login screen.

Q: Is SSO required for logging into Sports Connect – Association?

A: No, your current username and password can still be used and is still an option on the login page.

Q: What if I see no accounts to link to and my username and password don’t work?

A: Please contact our support team to review your account for potential duplicates.

Q: Does my email address and username in Sports Connect Association have any impact on SSO?

A: No. The two are managed separately.

Q: Which account should I pick when mapping profiles in “Connect Your Accounts”?

A: The profile that is used the most, with the most current information. If you notice any duplicate profiles, please consider merging duplicate accounts and removing old profiles.

Q: What do I do if there is no email associated with my account?

A: Simply create an account (first-timers) or contact the support team. They can verify that users don’t have multiple accounts and they can update email addresses.

Q: What if I have:
Multiple accounts in a particular Org
Many accounts in multiple Orgs

A: SSO will initially only allow linking to a single profile withinSports Connect Association. However, once logged in a user can toggle between their consolidated login credentials to gain access to their profiles.

Q: What if I don’t have a Username or Password?

A: Login with SSO going forward.

Q: What if I don’t have an email on file?

A: Although this is rare, the best action is to contact our support team to add an email to the account in question.

Q: Can I use my SSO email to link to my spouse’s account if I have their password?

A: Yes, if it is not already linked, however, sharing credentials is not recommended. We encourage each person to link their SSO email to their own accounts.

Q: Can I link multiple Association accounts to the same SSO email?

A: No. Only one account can be linked to a Single Sign-On email for each Organization.

Q: How to handle email updates (via the club, association, etc)

A: After making an email change, SSO users should log out and back in with the new email address.

Q: How can I update my password if I don’t know it?

A: You will NOT need to know your current password to update it. Through the Reset Password option on the login page, you will receive an email link to reset your password. When resetting your password, you can provide the new password only.

Q: What is an email verification link?

A: An email verification link is a link that is received via email. When a user clicks on the link within the body of the email, the user is automatically logged in to their website the first time they login with Single Sign-On.

Q: How long does it take to receive the verification link via email?

A: You should receive the email verification within a minute.Check your spam folder if you do not receive your email verification.

Q: How long does the email verification link last?

A: The link is valid for 24 hours.

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