Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why would I want to link my accounts?

A: Linking your accounts will allow club and team admins to navigate between club and national governing body accounts.

Q: Who should link accounts?

A: Club and Team admins who need to complete tasks at both the club and national governing body level.

Q: I forgot my password, what should I do?

A: Click the “Forgot Username or Password” link to reset or activate your account. An email will be sent to you allowing you to update this information.

Q: I don’t have a national governing body account. How do I get one?

A: If you have any history with the national governing body you will have an account profile that you can activate using the Forgot Password feature. If you are a Club Admin, please contact your national governing body for assistance getting an account. If you are a Team Administrator you will be able to activate your account once your data has been submitted.

Q: I have multiple national governing body accounts, which one should I use?

A: Link your account to the profile with the highest level of access. Once linked, you will be able to consolidate logins within the national governing body to quickly access additional accounts.

Q: I have linked the wrong account, how do I fix this?

A: If you have access to the Security tab in the national governing body, you can clear this linkage and start over. If you do not have access to this page you can contact support and ask them to clear this on your behalf.

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