Sports Connect Pricing FAQ

Q: When will these new prices go into effect? 

A: The new Service Fee will go into effect on Friday, January 3, 2020. The credit card processing fee will not move to 3.4% until June 1, 2020.

Q: What do I need to do to continue using Sports Connect and view the new pricing?

A: No action is needed to continue using your Sports Connect website. A recent email announcement included the new pricing which can be downloaded and reviewed by your board. Upon your next login, an in-site notification will also display pricing information if you are viewing from a desktop or tablet.

Q: Why the change?

A: As we enter this new chapter of our business, we aim to continue providing the best youth sports management product on the market through innovation and the highest level of support for our partners, which requires significant investment and resources. Upon joining the Stack Sports team, we became part of an expansive ecosystem of tools that supports athletes, clubs, and associations from top to bottom every season. We are excited about the added value this will bring to your organization.

Q: Will I keep my existing functionality/ Will I need to change platforms?

A: You will not be switching platforms. As the official league technology provider of Little League®, we are thrilled that our customers can continue using the same tool and look forward to enhancements in the near future.

Q: Will I still have access to support?

A: We will continue to be a customer-focused company. As a loyal and valued partner, we are excited to extend an exclusive offer to your organization. This guarantees the same service and support that our current partners have come to expect.

Q: Why is my credit card processing fee increasing?

A credit card processing fee has always been in place. Your credit card rate will be locked in for the Spring 2020 season, however, that will increase slightly to 3.4% on June 1, 2020. The 3.4% processing is a lower rate than the standard 3.99% rate offered to other leagues.

Q: Who pays the credit card processing rate, the league or the registering member?

A: The credit card processing rate is paid by the local league, as it is with your existing account.

Q: Will my league be charged $29/month beginning in June?

No. The $29 fee for the Pro Package will be waived for all Little League® programs, both existing and new, and will not increase in later years. This is an exclusive benefit provided to Little League® programs.

Q: There is now a $3 Service Fee. How does it work?

The $3 service fee per transaction is new following the recent acquisition by Stack Sports. It is common across the industry for service providers to charge fees. The benefit of the Sports Connect pricing model is that it is $3 fee per transaction, as opposed to a $3 per player per activity fee (which is generally what is charged by other providers). This means parents who are signing up multiple children will only need to pay the service fee once upon checkout. Please note that with automatic recurring billing plans the service fee will be charged per transaction. For paper registrations with check or cash payment, the $3 service fee will still apply and will be deducted from weekly disbursement to the league.

Q: Do I need to select a package?

A: No. Due to your existing partnership, you are being offered the Pro package at a reduced cost (zero dollar monthly subscription fee). The Pro package includes all of the existing tools, Little League® exclusive functionality, and the same best-in-class support. This is an exclusive Little League® offer that is good for as long as you process registration on the Sports Connect platform.

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