Registration Insurance from Sports Connect SecureFee Plus FAQ

Q:  What is Registration Insurance?

A:  Registration insurance, a product offered by April Travel Protection called Sports Connect SecureFee™ Plus, is an optional service for select programs that registrants can opt into at check-out to protect their registration fees against certain events that cause them to miss the season. With Sports Connect SecureFee™ Plus insurance, the club is not financially responsible for the refund.

Q:  What does this cost my organization?

A: Registration insurance is offered to the registering user for select programs at no cost to your organization.

Q:  How does Registration Insurance work within Sports Connect?

A:  At check-out, users registering for select programs will see the insurance premium amount and will be given the option to either purchase or waive the coverage.

Q: What if my organization already has a refund policy in place?

A:  You can keep your existing refund policies. Registration Insurance saves your organization’s administrators from the risk and work involved with managing your own policies at no cost to your club/league.   

Q: Don’t want to offer Registration Insurance?

A: Contact our Support Team by clicking the “Support” icon in the bottom left of your site if you want us to disable this feature.

Q:  How does it work with my end users?

A:  Registrants who need to cancel their registration should contact your organization first so that you are aware of their situation and can take steps to remove them from the season. From there, users will contact Sports Connect SecureFee™ Plus and handle their refund process entirely through them. No work is put on you, and no funds will be lost by your organization.

Q:  Who will my registering users call with questions about insurance?

A:  Users seeking to file a claim will contact April Travel Insurance directly. They can call the toll-free number at 866-232-0738 or by email at [email protected]