Congratulations To Our Finalists

Our team was blown away to receive over 1,600 nominations from across the country for the inaugural Stack MVP Awards! We were humbled to read about unbelievable athletes, coaches, and volunteers at every level of youth, amateur, and professional sports; all of whom play an important role in making sports special.

We are honored to recognize 30 MVPs across several categories for their remarkable impact on sports and their communities. Please join us in celebrating the individuals, along with everyone that has made a meaningful impact on your sports journey.

Stack President of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes those who take up the helm at sports organizations, dedicating their time to lead their programs forward every season.




“She leaves such a large impression on everyone”

Not sure where to start… Ashley is a wife to a Ft. Campbell Soldier, a mom to 7 awesome kids, and is an operations manager for a multi billion dollar contracting company. On top of all of that, Ashley is the president of St. Bethlehem Little League in Clarksville, Tennessee! We have over 1700 players this year and it takes a lot to ensure that it all runs smoothly. Ashley spends a majority of her time at work and home working on things for Little League. I feel our league wouldn’t be as successful without her! Now let’s talk about the ball field! Everyone knows who Ashley is and even had a parking lot named after her! Every single kid that comes into contact with Ashley will always remember her! She leaves such a large Impression on everyone. Ashley also coaches in several divisions on top of everything else that she does. I honestly don’t know how she does it. She deserves this award for her dedication and sacrifices for Little League and all the players here in Montgomery County and I know she would be honored to be recognized.

Tyler Butler




“his generosity and impact know no limit”

The impact Brandon has had on sports, the youth, families, and the community would require a book. His generosity and impact know no limit. I will try to submit a few stories by the end of the week for your consideration. I will also list a few of his very first athletes and how well they have achieved athletic success as a result of his mentorship and engagement. Those kids would walk through fire for their Coach Jacobs even today as high school sophomores and juniors.

Andrew Hines

Brandon is the President of the North Atlanta Giants, but he is also a coach, mentor, and parent. Brandon used his own funds to bring high-level football to the North Atlanta area. Brandon not only gives his money and time to ensure ALL players/families are well-educated and supported in football and life. Brandon has often opened his home to provide care for players and a safe place to live and learn. He is often caring for players in his home and enroll them in the local school to give them a better/safer environment. Families have listed him as a point of contact for schools and Brandon regularly checks up on players at school to ensure they are not having issues at school. Often, he is the first point of contact if there are concerns with a player in school. Brandon Jacobs having minimal growing up himself was able to find his way through football and to make a life for himself and his family playing in the NFL. Brandon is not one of those just writing checks for a foundation, but he has spent his time since retiring directly helping and becoming a critical factor for the success of so many players and families. Brandon Jacobs is known for his big personality during his playing days, but his big personality is overshadowed by his bigger heart for all the families fortunate enough to have met him. He is responsible for positively influencing so many players and families. He is so deserving of the recognition.

Andrew Hines




“he has been essential”

Darrel has volunteered to be the assistant coach the girls soccer team that his daughter played on. In December 2021, he went to a club board meeting where he was unanimously nominated to be the club president. Since accepting the position, he immediately began to review all operations of the club and identify areas that needed to be addressed. The first thing he did was inquire into uniforms, the previous vendor no longer provided the uniform that was currently used. He then worked with a new vendor to design and establish a new uniform that would be available at minimal cost while providing easy replacement and issue…
Ali Beal-Edwards
…He then began to work on the registration process, which currently used an outdated system of mailing in documents. Darrel created a website and electronically fillable registrations that was mobile friendly to provide easier registration and payment. Additionally, he created sections in the website to purchase uniforms, view upcoming training opportunities, and a coached portal to view player profiles. Identifying the need to raise capital for the season, he established the club as a non-profit and tax exempt organization. In January 2022, he developed relationships with the schools in our district to provide information about registering and discuss the opportunities of the club. With his efforts, he increased the club participation size by 50%. In previous years, while coaching, there were always issues with field availability. The only field available to play was managed by the local high school, which prevented the ability to host games and practice. Darrel wanted to develop a field for dedicate use by his club, but was told by many locations that is was not possible. However, he continued to pursue this challenge and create something for his club. Working with his Town Council, he presented an option to increase field size of the local youth field and request dedicated use during the season. He provided the Town Council with a seven page proposal, which included requested changes, additions, benefits, and revenue generation. The same day of the proposal, the Town unanimously voted to make initial changes. These changes included, extending field length, adding parking, the installation of ball stops for each goal, and the dedicated use of two fields…
Ali Beal-Edwards

…Now that he was able to secure two fields for use, he then started working on acquiring equipment for the fields. He was able to procure two sets of goals that were no longer in use from the school district. The goals were rusted and in need of repair. He sanded, painted, and purchased new nets for the goals. He then salvage old benches, repaired, and painted them for use as player benches. He also requested old bleachers in disrepair from the local baseball fields. He sanded, repaired, and repainted the bleachers. Once the fields were extended, he worked with another parent to survey and establish field corners for each field. Darrel then purchased a field lining kit and paint to start the marking of the field. He still paints the lines himself every week, sometimes with the another volunteer. Never having a concession, he obtained a food service license and established a concession for use during home games. He also worked with a local rental company to rent generator lights for nigh time play, free of charge. He has also presented the Chamber of Commerce with a request to purchase a permanent lights, electricity, and a permanent structure to provide concessions and storage of equipment. He has been essential in obtaining funding and equipment for the club. The Town has donated close to $15,000.00, local companies $6,000.00, Chamber $9,000.00, and raised over $4,000.00 all to establish and create a new home for the club. He has donated all his time without receiving any form of compensation, usually spending close to 20 hours a week managing the club. The local newspaper has even completed a couple news articles about what he has accomplished. In the period of six months, he accomplished much:

  • Increased player participation by %50
  • Designed and implemented a new uniform
  • established two soccer fields
  • raised over $20,000.00 in donations to benefit the kids in his club.

Darrel had really dedicated all his free time to ensure the kids in his club have the best experience. Additionally, he still assists in coaching.

Ali Beal-Edwards

Stack Board Member of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding board members or volunteers in youth sports who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.




“she conducts her duties with a smile and genuine care”

Tanya Guest is being nominated for 2022 stack MVP award for her 10 plus years of dedicated service to our organization. Tanya goes above and beyond her assigned responsibilities as our treasurer. More than our Treasurer, she stands in as registrar, event coordinator, coach and often considered the one in Charge! Although, most of her work is done behind the scenes, without her huge contributions during the off season (COVID 19 era) our organization would have taken a huge hit on resources and personnel. Tanya was our one life line, finding creative ways to advertise to our target market during a time when families were unsure about youth sports, leaving us with a shortage of volunteers. Although, still keeping busy with her duties she was able to coach one of our baseball teams. He this helped keep our small program afloat until we were able to get on our feet getting more people involved. She conducts her duties with a smile and with genuine care for our youth. It is volunteers like her that often are overlooked, to us, she has been the unsung hero and it is with great pleasure we nominate her for recognition. Her continuous efforts and devotion of her duties, brings great credit upon herself and our organization. We owe her many thanks!! Please consider her for Kingston Youth Sports Stack MVP for 2022.

Cal Slade
It’s hard to put into words the devotion Tanya has to our local youth and our sports program. Tanya enrolled her son in KYSA over 10 years ago. KYSA sponsors Basketball, Baseball, Football and Cheer. Before joining the board Tanya acted as Team Mom. From bandaging and icing “owies”, keeping score, ensuring parents were informed, planning end-of-season events and all the in-between. Working full-time and commuting to Seattle daily, she also made time to be part of our local Elementary school PTA and eventually middle school. In fact, she still manages the annual tie-dye event at the Elementary school that her son aged out of 8 years ago.

7-years ago, she moved into the Treasurer role on the KYSA board. But the roll she plays in KYSA goes far beyond bookkeeping and writing checks. On top of ensuring we are a financially healthy organization she also manages to run our snack shack during practices and games, buy and stock the food and supplies in our snack shack, manages and oversees the process of Football equipment check-out, always remembers to bring the first aid and extra ice packs to our games, is the first one to volunteer herself when any request is mentioned, shows up to almost all practices and games… and most importantly, truly cares about the kids and their experience with sports.

Her son aged out of KYSA over 4 years ago, yet when our league did not have a coach for the 6-8 year old baseball team last season, her husband Leroy and herself stepped in as Coach and Assistant coach (on top of managing her current role on the board). Tanya performs nearly a full-time job ensuring KYSA is successful.

When we had a few holes in our board last season, she filled in as registrar and was up till midnight the night before our first game ensuring we received all the verification paperwork needed so all our players were cleared to play in their first game. She didn’t have to do that, she could have put the blame on the parents, but the thought of a child not being able to play because their parents didn’t file the right paperwork in time made her beyond sad for the kids. She went above and beyond so no kid was left behind.

Even a broken leg doesn’t stop this woman!

She is who inspired me to get involved with KYSA, and I look to her to learn the ropes. Her passion is what helps drive KYSA to new levels. And she does it all without expecting ANYTHING in return.

It’s an honor to share what makes Tanya so special. I believe KYSA would not be where it is today without Tanya leading the way.

Kingston Youth Sports Association




“Her kindness goes way beyond the pitch and in the community”

Maria is not only a parent to 30 soccer players, but she is also the best team manager ever! She has dedicated herself to two teams for the past three years, including this year and her son is no longer playing at our club. He is now playing at the ECNL level, which is not available at our facility. She not only organizes all schedules, tournaments, league play, but also serves on the board of our club as our community committee chair and parent liason. She translates for our spanish parents making them feel included and a part of our club. She raises money each year so that the team is able to travel for away tournaments with as little monetary contribution as possible, offsetting the cost for those who could not attend otherwise. Maria is a superstar who has dedicated countless hours to ensure our teams are taken care of and we are a family. This is why she deserves more than this honor.

Javier Gonzalez
Maria continues to manage two teams at our club even though her son is now playing at another club at the ECNL level. She didn’t want to leave the coach and kids without leadership when no one stepped up to take over. Managing 32 players from a distance has been difficult for her, but she never ceases to amaze us even being so present when on another field. She calls, sends messages to the team throughout the game and we feel we can hear her cheering via message. She continually amazes us with her kindness and all she does for all the teams under her wing. She has secured multiple sponsorships over the years to pay for most of the tournament costs for our kids in order to allow them to travel and experience away tournaments they may not have been able to attend. She has been actively involved in all community relations for our club and her new club. This moment putting together our 50th year celebration. She is the best manager ever!!!! Her kindness goes way beyond the pitch and in the community as an amazing educator who represented our county this year as the ESOL Teacher of the year for Rockdale County Schools. Her love of her students, dedication for her staff, and her overall leadership across our community is a sign of how truly wonderful she is to us all.
Javier Gonzalez




“he is my mvp..aka most valuable person”

Josh has been involved with Pop Warner for almost 10 years now. He is currently the VP of the organization. As president he is literally my right hand and there isn’t anything that is asked of him that he doesn’t come through with. On the field he is the only coach known by just that name COACH…no last name needed. This name was given to him by a special athlete #99 Shawny Smith and has stuck with everyone since. In 2019, #99 fell ill and was in and out of hospitals, diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. Coach didn’t just visit and check in on #99, but through the sport they both loved became his best friend and one of his main caretakers. Coach, put his own personal life, family life and work life on complete hold to help care for Shawny in his every day life. He was there every step of the way, every hospital visit, every adventure Shawny went was there. Sadly, in 2020 Shawny passed away from te illness he battled so bravely, but coach didn’t stop there… he continued to help rebuild the organization that truly meant the world to Shawny, the Sakonnet Schooners. Coach doesn’t speak of his heroism or even acknowledge it, as he just sees it as helping a friend. Coach will go above and beyond for all and never ask for anything in return. He is our gentle giant, and the voice of reason. Just another reason, I have personally given him my own nickname, he is my mVp…aka Most Valuable Person.

Vikkie Viveiros




“Roxanne is completely dedicated to our communities youth”

Roxanne is the glue to our organization. On top of knowing every participants name, every parent, and filling in for any position when needed, Roxanne spends countless hours ensuring our youth are having the best experience.

Roxanne is currently our Secretary for the Board. Last season, she held the Cheer Coordinator position, Coached, and filled in when for 2 other positions when Board Members resigned mid season. Without Roxanne’s dedication to the program and our youth, the public would have seen our organizations internal struggles. She picked up so much extra work parents and the community didn’t even realize what internal issues were in place.

Roxanne is completely dedicated to our communities youth! She sits on the ISAC leagues Board as well. And when our football and cheer season is over, she transitions into baseball and holds many positions for Cal Ripken.

If there is anyone that deserves to be recognized for their dedication, commitment, and passion for our youth and sports, it would be Roxanne Vidales!

Katy Jackson

Stack Administrator  of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes outstanding club and league administrators who put countless hours into the unseen tasks that make organizations run smoothly every season, but are vital to helping sports make an impact in their communities.




“creating significant impact in our local and regional soccer communities”

Vanessa makes a positive impact on children in our community every day through her role as Technical Director of Montana Surf Soccer Club and also through her efforts to create a safe and inclusive environment for all kids.

Vanessa founded The Free Soccer Initiative, a program designed to erase barriers to entry for kids to play sports. The Free Soccer Initiative covers all program fees for qualifying families; offers transportation to practices, games and team events for those who need it; and provides free equipment and uniforms. The goal is to get more kids from more background playing sports, focusing on equity and inclusion, and to increase diversity in Montana Surf’s programs…

Cate Wright

…Vanessa, who is Venezuelan, wants to get more kids from more backgrounds involved with soccer. She noticed that there are many Latinx families moving to Montana from places like Venezuela, Honduras and Mexico and she wanted to give them a way to become part of the Gallatin Valley Community. Nothing builds community and connection like sport and we have found that this program is powerful for all of our athletes.

Vanessa’s work as Technical Director has focused on creating opportunity for higher level play for youth athletes in Montana by helping to found new regional leagues, finding valuable guest playing opportunities for athletes, and working with the our state’s youth soccer leadership to update policies and practices to match where soccer is going in other states.

Vanessa is creating significant impact for our local and regional soccer communities!

Cate Wright




“he thinks about the youth first in all his decisions”

Dennis has been involved with youth sports his whole life from working with youth as a coach when he was in highschool coaching wrestling to playing football and wrestling in college. While in college he was a coach for football and wrestling in area highschools. After graduation he went to work at the YMCA and ran the branch as well as developed sports both for youth and adults. He now has revamped and taken over the Optimist club programs and has made them a top program in the area. The football program receives national merit every year from USA Football as one of the top programs in the country. He thinks about the youth first in all his decisions. The Optimist club through his supervision now has flag football, tackle football, volleyball, golf, basketball, t-ball, baseball and softball. The ages range from 4years old to 17 years old in his programs. There are over 2000 youth involved each year. He also runs special events for the youth with a Community Christmas program with Toys for Tots, Community Easter Egg Hunt and Summer BBQ. He also runs several fundraisers throughout the year to provide scholarship money for the youth (ie Christmas tree lot, cookie/pizza sales, pancake feed and chili feed. I have been involved with his programs for over 14 years and have been excited to be a part of both the programs at the YMCA and now with the building of the Optimist sports programs.

Matthew Chenoweth

…Vanessa, who is Venezuelan, wants to get more kids from more backgrounds involved with soccer. She noticed that there are many Latinx families moving to Montana from places like Venezuela, Honduras and Mexico and she wanted to give them a way to become part of the Gallatin Valley Community. Nothing builds community and connection like sport and we have found that this program is powerful for all of our athletes.

Vanessa’s work as Technical Director has focused on creating opportunity for higher level play for youth athletes in Montana by helping to found new regional leagues, finding valuable guest playing opportunities for athletes, and working with the our state’s youth soccer leadership to update policies and practices to match where soccer is going in other states.

Vanessa is creating significant impact for our local and regional soccer communities!

Cate Wright




“she does it all with flying colors”

Kim is the admin for Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club. She single handedly registers over 1500 players each season, conducts all coach, asst coach, and team manager qualification processes. She manages and trains over 60 team managers each year. She also makes sure all rosters, player passes, and game day procedures are in order for Rec, Academy, and Select. Kim also is an expert on the Sports Connect system, the Affinity System, and the US Club Got Sport System. And if that’s not enough, she serves on the Ambush Soccer Club Board of Directors also! If anyone is deserving of recognition, it is Kim Konopka from Alpharetta Ambush Soccer Club in Alpharetta, GA.

Doug A Yearwood

Stack Sportsmanship Award Recipient

This award goes to a person who has shown that sports is bigger than the game itself and reflects the tough heart of sports.




Cade Spinello aka “Super Cade”, has been involved with Elite 11 since 2015 as a then 9-year old through the charity organization NEGU, which is an acronym for Never Ever Give Up. For the past eight years running, the Elite 11 quarterbacks draw inspiration from SuperCade knowing what he’s been through, what his family has been through and how he keeps on pushing forward in such a courageous manner in his battle with cancer. All the obstacles that he’s seen in his life, especially at such a young age, set such a great example of courage and perseverance. Young quarterbacks often look up to NFL players, but they always create a special connection with Cade – his ability to deal with adversity and toughness sets a shining example for them, and they in turn inspire him with their ability to share his story and the story of other courageous kids by wearing the blue and white NEGU wristband, to show their support for Cade and other kids battling everyday versus cancer.

Stack Video & Analytics Award Recipient

This award recognizes a person, staff, or organization that has demonstrated exceptional skill in game planning and innovation that translates to success for the team.




A leader in high end video and analytics

Rob Smith, Manager of Video Operations for the Atlanta Braves, is recognized for his exceptional video & analytics preparation with the 2021 World Series Champion Atlanta Braves. Rob is leading the charge when it comes to high end video and analytics in Major League Baseball, showing the drive to always lead and be at the top of his game. Rob’s commitment to the partnership and the GamePlan product are appreciated by all that have the opportunity to work with him day in and day out. Congratulations to Rob and the Atlanta Braves organization.

Stack Event of the Year Award Recipient

This award goes to a person, staff, or organization that has demonstrated exceptional skill in producing a live event that promotes community.




“We love helping our community in any way we can”

Cliff Bosley is the race director of BolderBoulder in Colorado. BOLDERBoulder is one of the largest running events in the world thanks to the vision, enthusiasm, and tireless effort Steve, Cliff and the entire Bosley family pour into it. Founded in 1979, Cliff and his family have helped grow the event into the third largest road race in the country, and seventh largest in the world, attracting 50,000 runners of all ages every Memorial Day to help them cross the finish line feeling empowered and bolder.

Stack Coach of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes coaches who serve as leaders and role models for their teams and for the betterment of their community, and helping shape athletes with morals and principles that will help them succeed on and off the field, court, or rink.




“Frank is everything you want in a coach”

GIVE 10000000000% to the kids as the head coach of track and Field & Cross Country programs and I really cannot think of anyone that deserves this more !!!!! He has transformed our program to be the best in the state of Rhode Island…..maybe even best in the country….

Alan Depalo

Frank is everything you want in a coach. His passion for running, his ability to build an inclusive, successful program (race and rec teams), his ability to connect with the kids and build their confidence, his knowledge of technique, his preparedness for every practice and meet, and his communication to kids and parents. Frank is building future track stars in high school and beyond, and well-adjusted youth off the track. He is most certainly deserving of this award.

Randy Stoloff

Coach Frank is the reason CLCF has a Track and Field team. He goes above and beyond for his athletes, whether it's finding a new track for them to practice on when the West track is being used, or making sure each child chose the right option for them, ie distance, sprints, throws, Etc… The rec team is able to experience everything track and field has to offer and the racing teams are a close nit family where everyone is rooting for you. I honestly believe that good sportsmanship and respect starts from the top, and Coach Frank exemplifies the qualities of a great coach. He is honest, enthusiastic, has the ability to connect with people and most of all he is present. If anyone deserves to be nominated and win, it's Coach Frank!!

Stacie M Schadone

Frank is dedicated to ensuring the youth of Cranston have a wonderful track experience. Always advocating and trying ti improve the program!

Jodi Kulinitch

Great coach and program

Nikki Griffis




“we are forever grateful he stepped up this year”

When our head coach Frank suddenly passed away the day before the season started, Pat stepped in to lead the kids, handle scheduling, practices, uniforms, etc. He didn’t miss a beat and he truly took on this team as if it were his own. He didn’t have to, but he did it We are very grateful for him.

Gina Hundley

Pat stepped up when no one else would, at last minute. He’s a motivational coach. Parents are saying “he’s working miracles “ out there since a good amount of players have never played football before. He made them into football players in such a short time.


Great head coach. He’s teaching the kids great lessons in life, not only the game of football. We are forever grateful he stepped up this year


Pat is a excellent Coach. He cares about his team

Linda Gloria

Pat took a big step taking the role of head coach after the teams other coach suddenly passed away. He puts the kids first and makes sure their emotional needs are met and that they’re having fun! Pat also communicates very well with both parents and kids. We hope Pat returns as he’s an amazing coach and enjoy his positive attitude at every practice and game.

Jade McClanahan

Since I nominated Pat, we won our first game!! Which is an enormous accomplishment given that we were considered the underdogs. What we all recently learned is that the league put 12 kids who have NEVER played tackle football before, on a team of 25 (instead of dividing them up between our (3) 13U teams). So Pat was basically teaching from the ground up….I mean, if that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is!
In the weeks we’ve been on this journey, Pat not only shows great integrity, sportsmanship and guidance. Not only teaching the game of football but life lessons on being a great human. I’m the team mom and I always say “it’s like you have 25 sons”.

Another great accomplishment is that on our Sept 24th game, the referee came to Pat and said “that is the most well played sportsmanship game I’ve ref’d all year”. Who cared about the score; we won with that compliment!!
Pat deserves this MVP award; as the hurdles kept coming and he kept standing up for our team, protecting our players and showed them there is no “defeat” when you have your brothers standing next to you.

Gina Hundley




“tom represents what it means to be a great coach”

Tom has been a coach in our program for the past 7 years. Tom to represents what it means to be a Great Coach. To me a great coach knows if you teach players the right skills, behaviors and attitude they will be winners. He reinforces the meaning of team by getting all the kids involved. I challenge it coach to find the player that has the most opportunity and judge yourself as a coach on how much that player develops over the season and Tom rises to the occasion each and everytime. Tom became involved to coach his grandson, when its so difficult to find volunteers Tom steps up even when he doesnt have to. Lastly Tom knows the importance of having fun and cares about the kids he coaches.

Joshua Darlington




“ray has been a leader for some of the top players in the country”

Ray Mickens has been the lead DB coach for The Opening since 2013 and also works closely with high school football players at DeSoto High School and Liberty Christian in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. An All-American at Texas A&M, Mickens played in the NFL for 11 years, mostly with the New York Jets.

Stack Official of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes officials, umpires, or referees who demonstrate dedication and patience that serve as a model for our game.




“truly a wonderful human and so generous with his time”

Jon is our referee administrator. Each week he works to organize and ensure that all the games are covered with referees, he also covers games himself on Saturdays and works tirelessly and without complaint to make sure that all the kids get to play soccer. He has been working to recruit and train new referees as well and makes the best videos for us to send out in an effort to get more people to sign up to help. In addition to his tireless efforts as a referee and referee administrator, he also spends his Friday nights making sure that the fields are ready for Satruday mornings games and is a wonderful sounding board for all things soccer in our region. He is level headed and generous with his time and kind to the kids and parents while refing and maintains a great sense of humor all while also being a husband and father to four kids and running his own coffee business where he makes the most delicious drinks for our small community. He is truly a wonderful human and so generous with his time.

Cindy Carver

I am responding to an email about the nomination I made for Jon Furness. I am thrilled to hear that he has been selected as a finalist for the MVP award. He is an integral part of our region and the lives of the kids who play soccer in our town. His positive attitude and willingness to step in and help out whenever and wherever is needed is so amazing. He is a father of four kids, a husband, and a small business owner and still makes time to give back to the community and share his contagious love of soccer with the kids and families who live here. He motivates our volunteer referees every week with fun emails and videos asking them to sign up to help out and is by and large successful at getting people to step up and volunteer for a job that many people don’t want to do because of a variety of reasons. On the field he is a teacher and a mentor to others – he teaches the kids the rules of the game in a fair and firm manner and I often hear parents remarking at how much they appreciate the way he talks to the kids and teaches them as they play. I am proud to call him a friend and to have shared coaching and refereeing with him over the years. He makes my job as regional commissioner easier and for that I am grateful.

Cindy Carver




“he is truly one of a kind”

Ron has umpired for our little league for over 30 years and has not missed a game in that time, which is a phenomenal feat. He always takes time to explain certain rules to kids and is more than willing to give them advice in between innings if he sees something they could do to make them perform better. After the games he gets in the handshake lines with the teams and shakes all of their hands and the kids love it. Whenever I need an official and he isn’t assigned to work that night, he will never say no and he needs to be recognized for his over 30 years of dedication to our Little League program. He is truly one of a kind.

Jordan Flaws




“a great mentor to all the referees, young and old”

Ricky Campbell is a Head Referee and Referee Assignor who is a great mentor to all the referees, young and old. He motivates and educates new and experienced soccer referees to do their best. Teaches them to stay neutral, make great calls, stay calm and collected, while he protects them from fans/parents who tend to be extra passionate at times and attack referees verbally. It is tough to be a soccer referee these day and not many people want to do it anymore due to some fans taking passion to anger making it dangerous to do the job. Ricky does an amazing job mentoring and motivating youth to ref and to remind them of how great the sport is. Ricky Campbell is a assignor through US Referees and and works at Gwinnett Soccer Association in Georgia

Maya Zecic

Stack Athlete of the Year Recipients

This award recognizes Athletes who have shown there is no I in team and have made an impact in the lives of those around them.



giving his time and knowledge to the next generation

CJ Stroud volunteered to give back to other highschool athletes through the Elite 11. While trying to get to the event he encountered some travel challenges but refused to let that get in the way of him getting to the event. He sourced multiple flights and made additional accommodations to travel across the country and give his time and his knowledge to the next generation.



“she enjoys sharing her passion for the sport with other people”

Mackenzie Pope is a volleyball player at Clinton High School in North Carolina. Mackenzie took the initiative to start a Sand  Volleyball club at her high school. In doing this she wrote a grant to pay for partial construction of the schools first court. She then went in front of the School Systems Board of Education and convinced them to approve the club and pay for the remainder of the construction costs. Mackenzie loves volleyball and she enjoys sharing  her passion for the sport with other people.

Mackenzie is a varsity volleyball player for Clinton High School, in which she is a team co captain, as a junior. She plays travel volleyball with a National team that travels all over the east coast. Mackenzie took the initiative to start a Sand Volleyball club at her high school. In doing this she wrote a grant to pay for partial construction of the schools first court. She then went in front of the School Systems Board of Education and convinced them to approve the club and pay for the remainder of the construction costs. Mackenzie loves volleyball and she enjoys sharing her passion for the sport with other people.

Jennifer Edgerton



“always gives 100% and never complains”

Hunter is a 14 year old who has a Congenial Heart Condition which requires 3-Open Heart Surgeries to fix. Hunter also has had about 15 operations in 14 years. Hunter is 4’3″ and weighs 65 lbs. Hunter also has a feeding tube in which he gets fed at night. Although Hunter plays against other kids that are sometimes 2 or 3 times bigger than him. Hunter can only play baseball with his heart condition. Even though he is sometimes overmatched by the bigger kids, Hunter always gives 100% and never complains because baseball is all that he has.

Stack Leadership Award Recipients

This award recognizes people who have made a positive impact on youth sports and transformed the experience for their organization and within their sport(s).




Liz is a true leader and innovator in her field

Liz Brown, Chief Marketing Officer at Little League International, has always demonstrated a tremendous passion for sports stemming from her own collegiate Field Hockey playing days all the way into her professional life and current leadership position at Little League International. Liz is a true leader and innovator in her field and someone who exemplifies a high level of excellence in everything she is involved with. She is very well-respected by other leaders within the sports industry and has demonstrated a true commitment for growing baseball and softball participation at the grassroots level. Liz and her team successfully created and implemented a new Little League brand, helped navigate her organization through a challenging time during the pandemic and led the charge to offer as many kids of all backgrounds a chance to play baseball and softball.




Izell has been a true leader and pioneer

Izell Reese, CEO of RCX Sports, has been a true leader and pioneer within the fast growing sport of flag football and has recently led his company to expand its reach by offering world class events and experiences within basketball, hockey, and baseball. Izell exudes optimism at all times, leads by example and has played a pivotal role in growing flag football participation across the US and other countries as well. In fact, he and his team helped pave the way for Women’s Flag Football to become an official collegiate sport for the 1st time within the NAIA and brought the NFL Flag brand up to Canada for additional expansion opportunities.

Ken Warner, Fox Rok Athletic Association

“All I wanted to do is provide a positive difference in a child’s life, something I didn’t have.”