Stack Sports is proud to be a trusted partner of U.S. Soccer with a shared commitment to grow the game at every level

What is U.S. Soccer Connect?

U.S. Soccer Connect is a collaboration of leading solutions powered by Stack Sports, developed in conjunction with U.S. Soccer to advance and grow the game of soccer. Our mission is to innovate on and connect every step of the soccer ecosystem in ways that improve the overall experience for everyone involved with the game.

Our solutions include best in class software, member management tools, programming & participation initiatives, and much more. We represent the largest commitment of technology and sport resources to any project in American sports history, powering every level of youth and adult soccer.

Who Partners With U.S. Soccer Connect?

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Powering Every Level of Soccer

Supporting Athletes, Families, & Teams

Stack Sports is committed to growing participation and fostering a lifelong love of the game for future generations of soccer players. Through grassroots engagement, increasing participation opportunities, and empowering families and coaches, we can ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in soccer.

Powering Local Community Programs

Stack Sports is leading the sport forward by innovating and streamlining the operations of local soccer programs that grow participation in communities while improving the experience for volunteers. We are committed to supporting and empowering the parents, coaches, and volunteers that make sports possible at the local level.

Empowering State Associations

Stack Sports equips State Associations with innovative tools to help them understand their membership and grow soccer participation in local communities. Sports are evolving faster than ever and today’s leaders need modern, reliable, and powerful analytical tools to make the best decisions for the present and future of soccer.

U.S. Soccer National Data Center

Stack Sports is proud to partner with the U.S. Soccer Federation in our shared commitment to data transparency, truth, safety and compliance for all members. We are proud to power the National Data Center and align member information across every level of the soccer ecosystem.

Growing Soccer Worldwide

Stack Sports works with every level of soccer from athletes, coaches, teams, local communities, and U.S. Soccer, all the way up to FIFA to ensure compliance with FIFA’s player and coach regulations and requirements. Our mission is to connect the world of soccer, improve the experience for everyone involved, and grow the beautiful game.

Your Soccer Journey, Powered by U.S. Soccer Connect

Whether you play, coach, volunteer, or cheer, we want to help you make the game of soccer better for current and future generations!