Create an emotional connection, starting with your website.

The best ways to retain and grow your customer base is having a streamlined connection from an interested parent to customer, starting with your league’s first impression, your website.

Check out: Bethel Park Girl’s Softball Association
Website Design: Chronos II
Main Takeaway: Create emotional connections!

Bethel Park Girl’s Softball Association is using one of our newest website designs, Chronos II.

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When creating a website, it’s important to have the best content – copy, pictures, videos, etc. – available to not only establish your presence, but provide potential customers with a delightful experience!

Potential customers need to trust your company, starting with your website, and see that you care about what initiative makes you unique. In this case, Bethel Park Girl’s Softball Association run a softball league. What makes their website top notch is something that’s probably overlooked by most, but it’s a nice touch: their mission statement.

If you navigate to their website, their organization was thoughtful enough to post the mission behind their softball league.

This is common among companies, especially large ones. For example, Coca-Cola’s mission statement:

Our mission is: To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions.

Their mission states their purpose and provides a connection with their audience. Having one publicly displayed helps potential customers – parents – understand why they should care about your league.

Kudos to Bethel Park Girl’s Softball Association establishing that first emotional connection with potential customer through their mission statement!

Bethel Park Mission

It doesn’t stop here. Starting with the most front-facing aspect of your league, and ending it with a great support system helps attract and retain customers.

Peep at Bethel Park Girl’s Softball Association’s website below for some more tips on what you can do with your DICK’S Team Sports HQ website and how you can build an emotional connection with visitors to your own website!