(Released on May 6, 2020)

Our mission to make risk management & player safety tasks as easy as possible for your membership continues! We’re excited to announce the following registration & account enhancements to the U.S. Soccer Connect Club Product:

Player Safety

  • Team Admins & Volunteers are now able to view their individual statuses based on your State Association’s unique player safety & compliance rules — all in one place & directly from their local club’s My Account Screen! This may include uploaded dates/verified dates/expiration dates & statuses for SafeSport, Concussion Training, State Specific certifications, and more.
  • Team Admins & Volunteers can now log back in and upload certificates directly from their local club’s My Account screen at any time, separate from their registration experience! When certificate images are uploaded, they are automatically pushed to their State Association profile.

Risk Management

  • Team Admins & Volunteers can now view their current Risk Status directly from their local club’s My Account screen.
  • Team Admins & Volunteers in select states are now able to submit a background check directly from their local club’s My Account screen, adhering to each State Association’s specific BGC rules. The feature will be activated individually by state.

For each State Association that qualifies, specific background check submission rules are fully enforced in the Sports Connect Club Product. Background check solutions with & without social security number are supported with the highest level of encryption standards.

Also, future updates to any compliance items are automatically pushed from Association to Club.

Please stay tuned for additional enhancements as we continue our mission to make your compliance process as easy as possible!