Growing your youth sports program means making registration easy and accessible for everyone in your community. For non-English speaking parents or guardians, navigating registration can be a barrier that ultimately keeps kids off the field or court. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to play sports, which is why we developed a built-in solution to translate your league’s website and registration forms using Google Translate.

Google Translate in Registration

Google Translate is a tool that translates web pages from English to over 100 languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and many more with the click of a button.

In an effort to make it easy for non-English speakers to register their players, we have made Google Translate available directly within the Mobile-First Registration experience. This enhancement allows users to select their language for registration. All of your form requirements, including custom questions, will be translated into the language of the user’s choice.

To select their preferred language, parents will simply need to click “Google Translate” at the bottom of the registration screen and select a language from the dropdown. This can be enabled at any point in the registration process and can also be reverted back to English at any time.

Google Translate On Your Website

In addition to registration forms, parents can translate your organization’s entire website using the Google Translate integration! This means non-English speakers can stay up to date on league news and updates, field openings, and more.

Parents can navigate to the Google Translate icon located to the left of the Login/Register buttons on your website.

Once their preferred language is selected, your site will be translated within the parent’s personal browser. Don’t worry – this does not make a change to the site everyone will see.

Get The Word Out

Be sure your players’ parents know where to find this awesome feature. Here are a few ways you can spread the word:

  1. Include information about Google Translate in your pre-registration communication
  2. Share this blog on your organization’s website (feel free to copy and paste!)
  3. Share the informational graphic below on social media with a link to this blog

For more information on the Google Translate integration, check out our support site.