As a youth sports administrator or volunteer, we recognize that your time is valuable and often limited. When you reach out to our Support Team, you likely don’t have much time to go back and forth. We are here to make sure your season is a success, which is why we have created a list of best practices to keep in mind when reaching out to our Support Team so that you have the most efficient experience possible.

The best way to get help is by submitting an online support request. This form collects the information our team needs to help you quickly. Be sure to bookmark the request form for easy access when you need it.

1. Specify the name or URL of your website.

Many of our partners across the country have similar names. Providing our team with your exact organization name or URL will give us an accurate starting point to assist you.

2. Include your first and last name with your support request.

Providing your name is especially important if the email address you are using is a generic ‘info@’ inbox used by your league. Our Support Team uses your name and organization name to properly document and follow up with your inquiry, making them vital details for a seamless support experience. Additionally, we want to be able to respectively address you at the time of response and moving forward.

3. Details, details, details!

To alleviate the need for any unnecessary back-and-forth, be sure to provide specific details that pertain to the question or problem you are running into. This includes the program/division name, order number, affected player name, etc.

Here is an example.

Not enough detail :( – “Players are having issues registering.”

Great detail :) – “Player Jimmy Thomas received an error message when attempting to register for the U12 Division of the 2021 Spring Ball program.”

4. Attach a link, screenshot, or video if possible

Adding a visual can help pinpoint exactly where the issue is or where the support rep needs to focus! 

5. Use one email address throughout your correspondence with support.

Using the same email address while you interact with support will help ensure your responses are received and associated with your ticket. Sending a reply or opening a new support request with a different email address could mean the support rep won’t be able to associate your response with any existing details or correspondence. 

Taking a moment to submit all of the necessary information up front will go a long way to help ensure our support team can help you quickly. Next time you submit a support request with limited time to spare, be sure to keep these best practices in mind!