Setting up the online registration forms for your club or league is a big responsibility and often takes considerable planning. So what happens when you’re ready to post and realize you didn’t add that new early bird discount the board discussed? It’s already 10:00 PM and you need to have these forms ready for registration to open tomorrow. 

Don’t fret. It’s now easier than ever to edit division settings in bulk. Our product team recognized how much time administrators were spending on editing individual divisions and set out to make it simple. Check out the series of enhancements we’ve made to save you time:

Add Payment Plans

Sometimes details like payment plans are an afterthought when planning for registration. If you’ve already set up your forms but want to add a payment plan option, it’s easy! The highly requested feature will eliminate hours of work and make the days of manually adding payment plans to individual divisions a thing of the past. 

Simply select the divisions you want to apply the change to, and add your payment plan details. Bulk edit changes won’t cause annoying time-consuming errors or apply changes to unwanted divisions.

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Add registration open & close dates

Need to delay or move up your registration dates due to unforeseen circumstances? No problem! Simply select the affected divisions and change the date in bulk rather than wasting time editing each division setting one by one.

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Add season open & close dates

In youth sports, we always expect the unexpected. Sometimes our seasons don’t start on the exact date that we originally planned. For an organization with dozens of divisions, this tiny change could cause mountains of extra work in the past. Now, you can update your season open and close dates in under a minute! 

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Update the division price

Did an unexpected expense come up that requires you to change your registration price? Your organization might not always have the funds needed to cover these expenses, meaning registration costs need to be adjusted to free up funds. 

It’s easy to update your division prices in bulk within Sports Connect. Only want to apply the new price to your competitive divisions? You can do that too! 

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Add/remove discounts & fees

Many organizations have early bird discounts or late fees during registration to encourage members to sign up on time. If you missed this step during registration form set-up, or you cloned a previous program that didn’t contain these line items, it’s easy to add them in! 

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Managing your club or league’s registration should be easy. Our goal is to reduce burn-out among the staff and volunteers that make youth sports possible by implementing time-saving enhancements such as these bulk division edits, so you can step away from the computer and spend more time doing what you love.