Youth sports volunteers are often getting things done in a small window of spare time, so they’re cramming as much work as possible into a few minutes they have available. If this sounds familiar, read on for tips on how you can get ahead of the game by automating your work.

Auto-assign your teams.

Building teams may be the single most tedious task that goes into planning your season. Need to keep volunteers together with their players? Or do you have a co-ed team and want to split boys and girls evenly? There’s no need to figure it all out manually. The auto-assign option within Sports Connect allows you to set criteria for your teams, then create teams with the click of a button with these considerations accounted for. Learn More >>

Automate your season schedule.

If your organization has a large number of teams, setting up a season schedule can be nightmare-inducing. In fact, some volunteers report dedicating entire days to manually create schedules for dozens of teams. Take back your time with automated season scheduling. Within Sports Connect, you can create a full schedule pairing with game dates, times, and field assignments. You can even edit the generated schedule for full control over who is playing, where they will play, and the date/time of the event. Learn More >>

Schedule your emails.

Save yourself from scrambling on days that you know an email needs to go out by scheduling it ahead of time. Create your own content or use a pre-built template, select your intended audience, and schedule it to send on your desired date and time. This is a great way to prepare for registration opening and any other events throughout your season that have set dates. Learn More>>

Add the registration listing module to your website.

You don’t need to wake up early on the first day of registration to post the registration link on your website. Get ahead of the game by adding the registration listing module to your registration page in advance. Registration Listing Modules display the descriptions of Programs/Divisions of your choice and contain a countdown timer until the program becomes available. Learn More>>

Copy existing programs/divisions.

The first year of setting up your registration forms is always the most time-consuming. But after that, it’s easy sailing. The Copy+1 feature allows you to duplicate existing registration forms with all dates advanced one calendar year. No need to recreate the wheel! Learn More>>

Your time is valuable, which is why it’s important to work smarter, not harder. For more tips on using Sports Connect to save you time on administrative tasks, check out our robust Help Center at