What is the Sports Connect Academy?

We understand that running a sports organization while learning a new system can be challenging. We’ve created the Sports Connect Academy to help you get up and running. Whether you’re a new admin or you’ve been using Sports Connect for years, our free on-demand courses will guide you through building a professional-looking website, launching registration, and everything else to manage your organization and season from start to finish.

Who can access the Sports Connect Academy?

Currently, anyone interested in learning Sports Connect or taking advantage of our additional resources for running a successful sports organization can register and enroll in our courses. Visit learning.sportsconnect.com and choose Sign-up.

Why the Sports Connect Academy? 

Our goal is to make it easy for you to run your sports organization like a pro and focus on what really matters – getting kids on the field. Developed by our team of instructional designers and product experts, the Sports Connect Academy, offers an additional option for our partners to learn the ins and outs of Sports Connect through a series of free, on-demand courses. Plus, it’s the only training option of its kind in our industry.

Benefits include:

  • Learn from anywhere at any time: The Sports Connect Academy is available 24x7x365 and focuses on Sports Connect fundamentals and more advanced topics.
  • ???? Learn at your own pace: Our courses allow you to learn on your schedule.
  • ???? Snackable content: Short-form, easily digestible content and courses are ideal for busy people.
  • ???? Earn certificates of completion: Feel confident that you have the skills to manage your organization successfully.
  • ???? New courses drop monthly: Our instructional designers are hard at work developing new courses based on your feedback, industry trends, and what’s new with Sports Connect.

You’ll also find links to relevant and helpful articles and resources on our Help Center, Blog, and Vimeo Channel. Be sure to check back often for new courses and other helpful tips and tricks for getting the most out of Sports Connect.

Happy learning!