Our product team is dedicated to enhancing your Association experience, ensuring you have access to connected data management, safety, compliance, and regulatory needs for governing bodies. To accomplish this, we release feature updates every two weeks based on feedback that we receive directly from our partners.

Here are our feature enhancement highlights from Q3 and Q4 2022 (July-December 2022).

Tournament and League Management Improvements

  • Game Day Roster enhancement – Game Day Rosters, including custom rosters, can be printed in bulk rather than one by one.
  • When a tournament is copied, custom questions and ELAs can be carried over to the new event.
  • Additional recipient options have been added to the Application Message template. Partners can now email the user who submitted the team and/or the primary Club contact.
  • A Returning Team Discount feature has been added to offer a reduced entry fee to teams that have participated in one or more past events.

Scheduling Enhancements

  • Team-to-Team Reschedule enhancement – A new configuration has been added to automatically display the reschedule option when a game goes unscored after a set number of days.
  • A change has been made to our email queue to prioritize schedule change notification emails above all other queued emails.
  • A summary view of games unscheduled vs scheduled has been added to the Drag and Drop Scheduler.
  • The Drag and Drop Scheduler now only displays Home Games for League & Club level users to make shared scheduling less confusing.
  • The Drag and Drop Scheduler will now only display Home Fields to League & Club level users, eliminating the need to scroll thru fields used by other Clubs.
Leagues and Teams Enhancements
  • Player/Admin Lookup Enhancement – New search filters give users the ability to search certificates, such as SafeSport, by status.
  • An ID Card Print Verification tool was added to the 2.0 Dashboard experience to assist with validating Player ID Card authenticity.
  • US Soccer International Transfer Clearance status (ITC) is now displayed on Player profiles.
Reporting Enhancements
  • Event Manager Attendee report – now includes risk management details.
  • All Member Fees report – the new report contains a comprehensive view of all fees due by Club across the following modules: Affiliate Sanctioning, Online Invoice Management, and Tournaments & Leagues.
  • Tournament Player Detail report- the new Tournament and League report contains player detail information, their primary parent info, and their team info all in one report.
  • US Soccer International Transfer Clearance status (ITC) has been added to the Player Credentials | Dynamic Certificate Data report and the Tournament Player Detail report.
  • A venue filter has been added to the Tournament and League Team Reports to assist with printing Game Day rosters and supplemental reports by location.
Online Invoice Management Enhancements
  • NGB & Association partners are now able to capture offline payments that exceed the amount due via Online Invoice Management.
  • Invoice Reports will now include ad hoc products that have been manually added to orders.
  • Reports have been updated to label the type of credits that are listed, rather than “Credit”, both CSV and PDF reports will now label these transactions as “Admin Credit” or “Player Credit”.

Stack Single Sign-On

Sports Connect Association implemented Stack SSO which provides centralized account authentication across multiple Stack product lines.

Stack Marketplace

Stack Marketplace is your go-to place to discover Stack Sports tools available to your organization while providing quick access to the ones you already use. You can locate Stack Marketplace by navigating to the toolbar at the top of your screen while logged in as a Sports Connect administrator. “My Apps” is where you can seamlessly navigate between every Stack Sports product that you use. Additionally, you can find a curated list of additional Stack Sports solutions, how they can serve you and your organization, and a direct link to learn more.