Our product team is dedicated to enhancing your Sports Connect experience, so you can spend less time behind the screen and more time at the field, court, or rink. To accomplish this, we release feature updates every two weeks based on feedback that we receive directly from our partners.  

Here are some of our best enhancements from Q2 2023 (April – June) for Sports Connect Club and League.

*NEW* Seamless Mobile Experience with Stack Team App

Your team and schedule data can be seamlessly shared with Stack Team App, our FREE customizable mobile app!

By utilizing this new integration, you can equip your organization with Club and Team-level group chat tools, integrated team management features, synced schedules, push notifications, and more. To learn more about Stack Team App, watch our support video:

Support Article: Stack Team App Integration

“My Account” Calendar Updates

Over the last few months, we have released a series of updates to the “My Account” page in order to provide the optimal user experience for your members. Our latest enhancement in this series includes updates to the calendar design, providing your members with a clearer view of upcoming events within an easier-to-navigate season calendar.

Support Article: My Account Calendar

Settings Link Added to Admin Dashboard

To make it easier to find, we added a link to Settings on your Admin Dashboard. Small adjustments like this make navigating your portal easier and save time with fewer clicks.

Track Security Role Updates

Security roles are an important feature for any club or league looking to limit access to organization data for some admins.

Our latest enhancement enables admins to see who added a security role to certain user accounts. This will help eliminate questions when there is board turnover as well as grant insight into who is assigning roles.

The security role page now displays a new column that shows the user name of who added the role.

Support Article: Update Security Roles

Stack Coach Upload Report

A new report is available for admins utilizing Stack Coach for team evaluations, scorecards, and tryout management. The Stack Coach Upload Report can be found within the Reports feature under Rosters and is formatted for easy import into Stack Coach. 

Add Custom Note in Manage Installments Email

When sending out an installments reminder email, you can now add a custom note. This functionality was previously only available when sending a balance statement. Adding a note is a great way to personalize your message. 

Support Article: Manage Manual Subscriptions

Added Help Text on Bulk Email Tool

It is fairly common to copy and paste text from one source to another. However, you may notice that the text oftentimes doesn’t transfer properly. If you build your email in Microsoft Word or a similar program, it adds built-in ‘formatting code.’ When pasted into Sports Connect, this code can cause emails to be cut off in unexpected places. 

By copying your text from a text editor like NotePad (Mac) or TextEdit (Windows or Mac), this undesired code will be removed, making it easier to create and send your email as intended. To improve your experience with the Bulk Email tool, we added this help text recommendation in blue: For best formatting results, copy from txt/notepad

Support Article: Send a Bulk Email

Add New Page Button Relocated

The “Add New Page” button was relocated to make it easier to find. This button is used to add a new web page and can be found by navigating to Website > Manage Pages. Small adjustments like this make navigating your portal easier and save time with fewer clicks.

Updated Highlight Color When Highlighting Text

In our ongoing effort to make Sports Connect more accessible, we updated the color and increased the opacity of the text highlight to make it easier to see the text you are selecting. 

Update Manual Payment Plans Page

We updated the Manual Payment Plans Page to display on a laptop without the need to scroll left and right saving important clicks for our partners.

+Note Will Now Display Gray in the Player Verification/Evaluation Section if Note Added

In order to more easily identify when a note has been added to a Player Verification or Evaluation, the text of the note button is grayed out once a note has been added. If there is not a note, +Note will appear in blue.

Update Chargeback Notification Copy

To improve the experience around receiving notice of a Chargeback, we have updated the initial email to our partner clubs to be more informative.

Tryout Acceptance Email Status can now be added to the Enrollment Details report

The Tryout Acceptance Email Status, which shows the timestamp status of when the acceptance email was sent out, can now be added to the Enrollment Details report. You can find Tryout Acceptance Email Status by going to the Enrollment Details Report > + Add Column and it is under the Players category.

GotSport Import Report Updated

For soccer clubs who need to import into GotSport, we updated our GotSport Player Import Report.