“My website isn’t showing up in Google”

Improve your SEO. Check out these six quick and easy tips to get you going on SEO for your Sports Connect youth sports website:

  1. Use Keyword-rich content, including words and phrases a search engine user would likely enter to find your site. This could be your organization’s name, sport(s) offered, and location. This can be used throughout all Page descriptions.
  2. Edit Page Titles in each page’s settings. Titling pages by the organization’s name followed by the individual page name works best.
    • If we were on the Programs page of Connect United Sports; the Page Name would be Programs and the Page Title would be Connect United Sports – Programs
  3. Update your site regularly; especially your homepage. SEO is constantly changing as algorithms are altered and Googlebot continues crawling to find new and updated web pages.
  4. Keep your Social Media accounts fresh and include links back to your site.
  5. Add keywords. Prior to building your pages, make sure each page has added keywords matching the titles of each page to your overall portal. For example, Connect United Sports would use the keywords Connect, United, Multisport, Atlanta, Youth Sports, etc.
  6. Setup a Google Analytics account. We’ll break it down for you.
    • Google Analytics is a free service which gives a website owner, or admin, information about incoming traffic. This data helps you learn more about site visitors. All reporting is in real time. You’ll see how many folks are visiting your site, where they’re coming from, which pages they visit most, and how long they stick around on each page.
    • If you are new to Google Analytics, here is a helpful get started guide from Google.
    • Once your account is setup, find your Tracking ID.
      It will be something similar to UA-000000-01.
    • Then check out where to enter that ID on your Sports Connect site.

Once you’ve followed these steps, you’re closer to getting a better ranking. Just always remember that fresh and engaging content is best, so don’t “set it and forget it.” If you would like more in depth information on how to improve your SEO ranking for your team’s website, check out these posts from our SEO Education Series: