80% of consumers use search engines to find local information.

(Think with Google, 2014)

Focusing on a digital footprint for youth sports leagues is vital to growing your business and creating awareness. We all use some form of search engines, especially when searching for local businesses and services. So, why not let that reasoning apply to your youth sports organization?

Local Online Presence
Building an online presence is crucial, especially for small businesses and local organizations. Having an established online presence, and continuing to update your websites and social media pages, will aid in building trust and transparency with potential customers and help retain current customers.

Good website design
It is crucial to build or find a website design that not only works for your youth sports league, but stays up-to-date with website trends – especially when it comes to your website being mobile-friendly.

Once you have picked a design for your youth sports website, it’s time to take into consideration the way your website is built, as this can impact your visibility on search engines.

This article by Codeburst.io explains more in depth, but check out this quick overview:

  • Navigation – Clearly labeled and defined locations for a potential customer to easily sign up and register.
  • Content and Visual Elements – This could range from a type of font all the way to images of your youth sports league.
  • Brand Uniformity – Get a quality logo that sets your league apart from others in your area.
  • Engagement – Make sure your website is appealing and filled with relatable content to engage your current and potential customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization – An optimized website increases accessibility by expanding your website’s search rankings. Learn more here in our other blog post!

Social Media
Social media channels are helpful tools if used properly. You’ll see companies, like Slack or Zendesk, turn to Twitter as part of their support channels. This way, customers can simply send a tweet asking for help and receive support promptly.

Posting important information on your league’s Facebook page is another way for local clientele to easily find your organization online. As mentioned before, it also helps build trust as information is updated and keeps current and potential customers stay informed on important news.

Plus, having your website integrated with your social media channels is just as necessary for growing awareness! Your customers should always be encouraged to share their experiences with your organization on social media.

To take it one step further, if you’re interested (and have the bandwidth), social media advertisements can make an impact on growing your local organization. Facebook allows you to easily target within a range of an area and is equipped with tools to create a target audience.

For a more in depth step by step guide on creating Facebook advertisements, take a look at this article by Hubspot.

Stay Connected
We brushed on building trust and updating content on your league’s website and social media pages, but there are more ways to have a bigger impact on your clientele.

Staying connected with current customers and potential customer is vital! Make sure to utilize communications tools that allow for you to connect with both audiences for all occasions. For example, you can easily send emails to update your league’s members to congratulate them on finishing a strong season. Every interaction counts!

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