Using the Two-step Tryout Registration Workflow

Sports Connect offers multiple registration workflows that can be used for different season scenarios. A common process used in competitive play is our exclusive Two-Step Tryout Registration setup. For any organization waiting on clearance from their local and state government to resume play, this process can also be a great option.

What is the Two-Step / Tryout Registration process?

Our Tryout Registration process is a little more complex than traditional non-tryout recreational programs. While the traditional registration process collects questions, payments, and commitment for the season all at the initial sign up, Tryout registrations break this into two steps. The first step collects registrations from anyone who is interested in participating but does not signify a full commitment for the season. Once rosters are built by coaches or the league, players then accept their spots, submit payment, and confirm their commitment for the season. 

This workflow can be used for multiple scenarios, including holding sign-ups without a commitment for the season, and for selecting competitive teams.

Competitive Teams and Evaluations

The traditional use of the Tryout Registration workflow is for competitive programs that host evaluations where not everyone makes the team. It can also be used in situations where there is a different pricing structure related to the particular team players make.

In this scenario, you may want to add an initial fee associated with tryouts, which can be easily configured. Additionally, you can create customized communications that send automatically once teams are selected, including player acceptance, denial, and club policy emails.

Commitment-Free Seasons

If your organization is still waiting for clearance to have a season and you are concerned that the decision will not come in time to host online registrations prior to season start, the Tryout Registration workflow is the solution for you. 

You can set up a Tryout Registration and have parents register their players as a way of expressing interest in playing that season. With tryouts, you can still ask questions, require waivers, set deadlines, send out confirmation emails, and more. Once complete, you have all of your interested players’ information without any financial commitment. This means no dealing with refunds if the season is postponed or canceled.

If the season continues successfully, simply accept all players who registered. Parents will be required to log back in and accept their team placement and pay for their registration. At this time, you can collect additional information (like uniform size, Birth Certificate, etc.). 

Wherever your organization is in the processing of returning to play, we have a solution for you. For more information on Tryout Registration, check out this article on our 24/7 support website.