Promoting your online Fan Wear store is a great way to generate extra funds for your organization this season. It takes only a little effort to drive up sales, and you get a portion back on every purchase made.

A best practice is to set up your store before registration opens. If your store is already open, make sure the logo and any templates you have available are up to date for the season. Having your store open during registration will give parents the opportunity to add customized gear to their cart at the time they sign up their players, making for one simple transaction. Your store only takes a couple of minutes to get started, but don’t stop there. To get the most out of Fan Wear, we recommend continuously promoting it throughout the season.

Here are 5 easy ways you can start earning more with your online Fan Wear store:
  1. Prominent Display on Website: Make sure your store is prominently displayed in multiple places on your website. That way, when parents visit to register their players or for schedule updates, they can’t miss the opportunity to check it out!
    • Image Rotator: Every website design has an image rotator to display your league’s news updates, photos from games, and more. To promote Fan Wear in this high visibility area of your website, simply snap a picture of parents wearing their customized gear or take a screenshot of your store. Add a descriptive caption to the photo and add the finished product to your rotator! Be sure to link the image to your store.
    • Banner: Use a website banner to promote Fan Wear in the footer of your website. Again, all you need here is an image! We have even made it easy to link your banner image directly to your store.
Website Gallery

2. Send A Bulk Email (or two!): Remind parents about Fan Wear by sending it straight to their inbox! Most purchases are made around your season start. Consider sending an email right after team rosters are posted. This way, parents can customize their gear with their player’s name and number. Send out a reminder email shortly after the season starts for those who are ready to buy after they see other fans sporting the gear.

3. Use Social Media: Social media is an easy way to promote your store all season! Posts with images or videos tend to generate the most attention and engagement. Take a photo or record a short clip of parents and coaches sporting their custom gear and share it on your social pages. Don’t be shy! You can share the same image and reminder multiple times throughout the season. Just be sure to remember the link to your store!

4. Make Flyers: Post Fan Wear flyers around your fields/courts or hand them out at team meetings. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to make a nice flyer. Use a free online design program like Canva, which has thousands of easy to edit templates. Just pick your document size and colors and make it your own!

5. Be A Walking Billboard: A tried and true, tech-free way to promote your Fan Wear store is to wear your gear to all games and events throughout the season! Incentivize parents and fans to wear their gear, too. This is not only a great way to promote your store, but also an easy way to market your league in the community!

As you implement these easy promotional strategies throughout your season, be sure to remind your fans that a portion of every purchase comes back to your organization. This alone will encourage many parents to participate and support your league. 

Need to start your online Fan Wear store? Read how with this support article.