(Released on September 23rd, 2020)

Product Update Highlight Reel – September 2020

As always, our team has been hard at work making improvements to the Sports Connect platform! These enhancements aim to make your role as a youth sports administrator easy, so you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time enjoying the game.

Read more about our latest updates to the club product, including:

Daily Reconciliation Report

Our newest Billing Report will be a great resource for organizations who reconcile their funds on a daily basis rather than a weekly or monthly basis. Our Daily Reconciliation Report is a static report that shows all payment transactions on the dates they were submitted. 

What is unique about this report?

  • Payments will always reflect regardless of Order Status.
  • Cancellation Fees added towards orders will reflect in the exported order details and be shown as new revenue
  • All payment method (check and credit) transactions including payments and refunds will reflect correctly.

Credit Updates for Shared Accounts

We have updated how shared account members are alerted when credits are delivered back to an account. Shared accounts are accounts that have additional members who have been invited by the primary account holder, such as a second parent or other family members. When such an account is delivered a credit from an order to be used in the future, this new balance will be reflected for both primary and additional members.

This update is important when various account holders may be registering or paying for a registration or account balance. For example, the mother might be the primary account holder and the father might be invited as an additional account holder. Both accounts have the ability to register players, and both accounts will now be able to view and apply credit balances.

Learn more about applying credits here.

Our product team is constantly working to make your experience better, with enhancements and fixes happening every two weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for future updates!