US Lacrosse Summer & Fall Enhancements 

As always, our team has been hard at work making improvements to the Sports Connect platform for our National partners! Our latest enhancements to our integration with US Lacrosse aim to make your role as a youth sports administrator easy, so you can spend less time doing administrative work and more time enjoying the game.

Read more about our latest updates to the club product, including:

Pre-fill US Lacrosse Membership Number for Returning Players

Players registering for US Lacrosse affiliated programs need to enter their 12-digit membership number each time they register. To make future registrations even easier, this membership number will remain associated with the player for the duration of their career with US Lacrosse and Sports Connect, and will automatically populate for subsequent registrations. This makes it easier for parents and players to register each season without having to hunt down their US Lacrosse membership information year after year. 

Improved US Lacrosse Membership Number Lookup

When parents register for a US Lacrosse affiliated program, their Sports Connect player information must match what is in the US Lacrosse database (first name, last name, DOB, or expiring membership) or they cannot complete their registration. This typically occurs when a player’s name is not an exact match in their Sports Connect profile and US Lacrosse’s database, or when a membership is expiring. 

To help with these errors, we are simplifying this process by calling attention to the data that is mismatched so that parents or players that are registering can identify the mistake and update their information.

Updated US Lacrosse Member Lookup Links

Any error with a player’s US Lacrosse Membership Number preventing them from completing a registration must be resolved with US Lacrosse. If users receive an error message in registration, our help links will take them directly to US Lacrosse’s Membership lookup page. From here, users can validate their Membership Number and Membership information.