The slower summer months are a great time to clean up your Sports Connect site. Use this post-season checklist and make sure you are set up for success in the fall.

1. Check balance statements

Ensure all families have completed their payments and no outstanding balance remains by checking and sending balance statements.

2. Run billing reports

Reconcile your accounts for the season by running billing reports.

3. Archive programs

Archiving your programs will also archive your divisions and teams to help keep the back-end clean.

4. Use bulk email to thank families

Use the bulk email tool to thank families for their participation and share any important details about next season.

5. Update website with relevant post-season information

Share any end-of-season results and announcements and remove outdated information.

6. Create registration forms for summer programs

Use the Free Programs registration option for summer sandlot seasons, pick-up games, and more.

7. Verify board members have appropriate admin access

Check the security roles of your board members and other volunteers to verify they have appropriate permissions to complete their tasks.

8. Remove admin access from any lapsed members

When someone is no longer involved with your organization, be sure to remove their security role.