Sports Connect covers all of your online season management needs, but as anyone involved in youth sports knows, there is even more happening behind the scenes to keep your league running smoothly. As part of the Sports Connect and Stack Sports network, you are connected to our partner services that help manage those additional aspects. 

This series will spotlight complementary services that can cover other needs within your program, with discounts and integrations through Sports Connect.

This week, we are featuring GeoSnapShot, a free online photo-sharing platform perfect for youth sports organizations.

Introducing GeoSnapShot

Every great fan wants to remember their favorite player’s big moments for a lifetime. Give your members easy access to high-quality images available for digital download with GeoSnapShot. This is a great opportunity for fans to share their player’s season highlights with friends and family while also supporting their local league. 

GeoSnapShot is a free online photo platform perfect for sharing and selling photos from your season. Simply upload your images, promote them to fans of your players, and start generating revenue for your organization. 

GeoSnapShot + Sports Connect

Sharing and selling photos with GeoSnapShot is easy for Sports Connect partners. Photos can be uploaded directly to your Sports Connect website, keeping everything in one place and making them easy for fans to find. GeoSnapShot is free-to-use for your club and has unlimited storage and flexibility. Additionally, you can use your own photographers or hire talented local photographers through GeoSnapShot.

“It’s been great for fundraising. GeoSnapShot has allowed us to sell photos to our players, straight from our website. There is no cost to the club to do this and the GeoSnapShot Support is excellent.”

Rick Naylor, Club President, Adamstown Rosebud FC

The Bigger Picture

Sports Connect is committed to helping sports programs grow their bottom line and create additional revenue streams for unforeseen expenses during the season. GeoSnapShot is here to help. Partnering with GeoSnapShot is the easiest way to make money for your club, with 70% of every photo sale going directly to your organization. It’s easy to set up and maintain, meaning you can start earning money back to your league with no added time and effort on your staff. 

For the fans, it’s a convenient and easy way to celebrate and share their player’s season in addition to supporting your league. They simply visit your Sports Connect website, find their favorite photos, and place their order. Photos will be available for immediate digital download. 

To get started, reach out to the GeoSnapShot team today.