Club Product Update Highlight Reel

At the end of 2020, the Sports Connect Product team set forth a roadmap to prioritize the enhancements and features to be released in 2021. Many of these enhancement ideas come directly from our partners who rely on these tools to manage each season and grow their programs. With updates released every two weeks, a lot has been accomplished this year. Here are some of our product enhancement highlights from 2021:

User Experience & Value Add

New Report Experience: Robust reporting and tracking are vital to your organization’s growth over the years. After gathering feedback from our partners about how these functions could be made easier, our Product Team released several major updates to the reporting tool, including:

  • Modern interface – Easily access standard and saved reports, reports that you view frequently, reports that have been shared with another user, and more all in one screen.
  • Drag-and-drop – Edit your report with ease using drag and drop columns.
  • Easy report sharing – Share custom or standard reports with any other user at your organization with the click of a button. They will be sent an email and have view-only access to the shared report.
  • Linkable results – Access a user or player profile by clicking on their name directly within report results.
  • Built-in training – Video tutorials built directly within a sidebar for easy access to help when you need it.

Data Insights: The new data insights feature presents your organization’s data in a visual easy-to analyze dashboard. These dashboards will help you understand your membership, compare season over season data, and make decisions for your organization.

Single Sign-On: Single Sign-on (SSO) helps to reduce duplicate parent accounts and will allow for easy access to other Stack Sports solutions. 

Two Step Fan Wear: Setting up your online Fan Wear store is now easier than ever. Previously a four-step process, it can now be done in two easy steps – logo upload and template/color selection. 

Grade-based tips: Programs that are grade-based setup registration differently than age-based programs. We now include resources directly within registration to help guide administrators as they configure division age ranges for grade-based programs. 

Integrated program designation:  A new flag icon designates programs that are integrated with a national governing body or association. This helps administrators quickly identify integrated programs versus unaffiliated programs and, with the hover text, identify what organization the program is affiliated with.

Business and Program Management

Additional installments on orders: Even more flexibility around payment plans was added this year. This new enhancement allows administrators to easily add additional installments if a parent needs a more customized payment plan with additional installments.

Account Credits Report: After facing uncertain seasons due to local COVID ordinances, many clubs and leagues issued account credits in 2020. The new Account Credits Report helps clubs understand how many users still have outstanding credits from season to season. For more information on using this report, read the support article.

Adult Player Report: Easy data sharing for our partners is always a priority. The new Adult Player Report is helpful for clubs who use the Association product for their adult programs, allowing the club to export and send data to their state association for import.  

Automatic document submission (for integrated clubs): Certificates, documents, and other uploads are now shared with your National Governing Body or affiliation upon player/volunteer registration completion for integrated programs. Previously, background checks, SafeSport certification, and other important documentation weren’t shared with the association until teams were created and published at the club level. This enhancement makes it easier than ever to keep your members’ documentation updated with the association in real-time.

National Governing Body Role Mapping Field: Manage volunteers of your affiliated programs easier using the role mapping field. We will now let you know if the volunteer role you have added/are editing needs to have the role mapping field updated.