Whether you have set up registration many times before or you’re just learning the ropes, there are several ways you can optimize it for your organization. Here are our 7 underrated tips for a successful registration period using Sports Connect:

Kicking off registration 

1. Configure a donation option: Even if you already have a fundraiser planned for the season, simply including an option to make a direct donation during the player registration process has been a hugely successful revenue-generating option for many of our partners. Our donations feature can be set up and activated from within the Registration Settings. 

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2. Don’t skip the “helpful notes” section: You can create custom “notes” to display during several critical points of the player registration process. These are a great way to customize your organization’s registration experience. Here are a few note sections you shouldn’t skip:

  • Program description: This note will display when a registrant is selecting a program. Add helpful details about the program here.
  • Division description: This note will display when a registrant is selecting a division.
  • Player creation: This customized note will appear when a guardian creates a player account. This is a great time to briefly set expectations for the season before they dive completely into the registration process. 
  • Program and division selection: This displays when the guardian is selecting a program or division. If you have specific instructions for how to select the correct program or division, include them here.
  • Message upon checkout: This customizable message is displayed to the registrant while on the checkout page.


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3. Enable SMS text opt-in: Your integrated texting tool will be an integral part of your ability to communicate with members throughout the season. Prior to registration, make sure t​​he setting is toggled on within Registration Settings. This will allow users the ability to opt into receiving text messages before you attempt to send texts out.

4. Set up your Fan Wear store: Your online Fan Wear store is another easy way to drive revenue for your organization. Clubs and leagues that have their stores set up in time for registration have historically been the most successful because parents and fans are more likely to make a purchase while they’re in the middle of registering their player for the season. 

Setting registration “live”

5. Do a test registration: Get a first-hand look at what the guardian will experience during player registration by completing a test registration. Simply input filler information to run your test. Once you reach the payment screen your test can be concluded, as the system will require a valid payment method in order to submit the registration. Quick tip: You can pull a division details report to see all the division information in one place for a final review. 

6. Add your registration module: Registration will be “live” on the date in which you set it to open, however, you can go ahead and add a registration module to your website ahead of time. The module will display a countdown timer until the Division is available, creating excitement for your registration period to begin.

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Once registration wraps up

7. Review our partner success guide: Once registration is complete, the real fun begins. Take a moment to review the resources on our Partner Success Guide for everything you need to know about managing your season from here. First time using Sports Connect? No problem! We have a beginner’s success guide just for you.

Want to learn more about setting up your registration forms? We have an entire robust support library for that! Check it out.